Armagnac and Côtes de Gascogne

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Domainede Herrebouc


Carine Fitte and Hélène Archidec have been making wines with a Protected Geographical Indication for almost 15 years on an 18-hectares (45-acres) estate. The vines grow on clayey limestone hills. They are organically cultivated to produce low yields. The wines are distinctive, no-nonsense fine wines with substantial keeping potential.
Discovery tour: the tour lasts an hour and a half and must be reserved. Price: €8 per person, €15 for two. This includes a guided tour of the historic site, the winery and the organic techniques used to craft the wines, followed by a tasting of eight wines.

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Opening hours
October to April :
Monday - Friday : 10am to 6pm
Saturday : 10am to 12pm
May to September :
Monday to Saturday : 10am to 7pm
Sunday : 10am to 1pm


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