Les vins de Bordeaux

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Bordeaux vineyard is highly conducive to the cultivation of vines and allows the production of very varied wines.

With an oceanic and temperate climate, a rainfall evenly distributed during the year and strong sunshine, the maturity of the grapes is assured.

Located along the Atlantic Ocean, it is also crossed by two rivers: the Garonne and the Dordogne.

117,000 hectares of vines are planted, 645 million bottles are marketed each year in the world, produced by more than 5000 castles.

The terroir of Bordeaux is divisible into two sets:

-The Blayais, Libournais and Entre-deux-Mers, located on clay-limestone soils

-The Sauternes, Graves and Medoc with gravelly soils dominant, corresponding to the deposit of gravel and pebbles, mixed with sand and clay