Les vins de Bordeaux

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The vineyard of Bordeaux is famous for its blends of grape varieties. Here are the 4 main red and white varieties found in Bordeaux.


The red varieties: 

- The Merlot: It is the grape variety most present in Bordeaux.

Its attributes: It brings to the wines of the color, the suppleness, the aromas of red fruits like the plum, the cherry, the fig and gives often animal or grilled notes after some years spent in bottle. 

- Cabernet Sauvignon: the oldest vine in the region, it is widely used in the Médoc and Pessac-Léognan regions, contributing to the creation of wines for aging.

Its attributes: Give structure wines, tannins, notes of black fruits (blackcurrant or blackberry), licorice and fern. 

- The Cabernet Franc: complementary grape variety especially in Saint-Emilion.

Its attributes: brings finesse, freshness and complexity with aromas of caco, quince, raspberry and violet. 

- The Petit Verdot: promotes the development of tannic wines and used in small proportions in assemblies.

Its attributes: aromas of violet, raspberry, menthol, spicy notes, plum, liquorice ... 

White grape varieties: 

- The Sauvignon Blanc: it is involved in the production of dry and sweet white wines.

Its attributes: brings to the wines minerality and aromatic freshness with notes of citrus, boxwood, broom, exotic fruits, apricots ... 

- The Sauvignon gris: used to produce dry and sweet white wines thanks to its ability to accumulate sugars.

Its attributes: aromas of boxwood, grapefruit, touch of toast, passion fruit ... 

- The Semillon: main grape variety for the production of sweet wines but also a complement for dry whites.

Its attributes: brings roundness, fat, aromas of toasted almond, apricot, cinnamon and honey.

 - Muscadelle: minority in dry and sweet mixtures, very delicate variety to work because sensitive to noble rot.

Its attributes: floral notes of acacia, honeysuckle, pineapple, lemon ...