Advices about wines

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The action « bring to room temperature », that define the old practice of bringing the wine temperature derived from the cellar to that of a living room has been emptied of its meaning because of significant increase of house temperature.

Bring to room temperature

It is clear that wine can’t cope with temperatures around or even exceeding 68°F.The main goal is to restitute wine’s alcoholic dimension while an inadequate temperature would inhibit its aromatic expression.
Schematically, it’s established that the perfect tasting temperature, which correspond to an aromatic balance, is around 62-64°F for red wines with a good structure, like Bordeaux, and around 52-55°F for white wines, according to the quality.
This rule, really general, have to be nuanced considering the intrinsic potential of wine. An evolved wine, for which density has normally decreased, will be drunk to a little higher temperature to bring out its qualities. A lighter wine will be served fresher, particularly if it’s a not very tannic red wine.

A golden rule: avoid sudden temperature change that would inevitably distort the wine. For the preparation ritual, we must therefore prohibit drastic handling such as the freezer or radiator.
A little advice: don’t be afraid to serve wine at one or two less degrees if the tasting have to extend because temperature up quickly.

Tell you that rules can change in terms of your tastes…


Alain Labatut