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Wine art : Advices by
Alain Labatut

The action « bring to room temperature », that define the old practice of bringing the wine temperature derived from the cellar to that of a living room has been emptied of its meaning because of significant increase of house temperature.

If there is one subject that requires a nuanced approach, it’s the aging in barrels... The positive role of wood in the process of winemaking can’t be disputed.

To decant (transferring a bottle of wine into a decanter (carafe) before the meal) can have two different goals. The first concerns mainly "young" wines, aged less than ten years old. Thanks to a measured oxygenation, the idea is wine’s aromas harmonization (white or red) but also to open a reserved wine.

Wine intensity needs to be in harmony with the dish. Simple flavors of cold meat will marry with happiness a country wine, while a too complex wine would tend to go it alone.

Insignificant container in everyday life, glass becomes noble with the tasting ritual.Against common opinion, its shape plays an essential role in wine’s quality perception.Few elements define a typical tasting glass, to reveal a wine.