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Vineyard of Saint-Émilion


To the east of Libourne, the medieval village of Saint-Émilion dominates a remarkable vineyard which «looks» at the Dordogne valley. A veritable conservatory of regional history, the small town is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. lt shows astonishing vestiges of the past articulated around its old ramparts: monolithic church,
catacombs, convents collegiate church, Château du Roy... Bathed by the beneficial influence of the river, the terroir shows a map of geological variety from which emerge lands particularly favorable to the birth of the greatest vintages. On these soils of immemorial wine-making tradition, prestigious wines of international renown are born, which Louis XIV in his time already called «Nectar of the Gods». Powerfully bouquet, with a jovial and harmonious structure, always delicate, these wines of high lineage and mainly from Merlot generally show a very seductive suppleness.