Fronsac, Canon Fronsac

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Vineyards of Fronsac,
Canon Fronsac


At the gates of Libourne, the Fronsadais enjoys a singular power of attraction as much by the unique charm of it’s hilly landscapes and the richness of it’s past as by the quality of it’s wines. From the highest paint of the famous Fronsac’s hill, you’ll admire one of the most gorgeous panoramas of the Bordeaux area.

Protected by the meanders of the Dordogne and the isle, this terroir actually has 2 vineyards : Fronsac to the north and Canon Fronsac to the south, which owes it’s particulary to it’s subsoil made up of limestone. Intensely colored, brilliant, sappy, the wines have a lot of body while presenting a great aromatic elegance dominated by red fruits and sometimes spiced by nuances of truffles.

These quality wines, undoubtedly less known than their neighbors Pomerol and St-Emilion, have an extremely attractive price / quality ratio.


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